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Hasen, a.k.a. Liliane Schneiter.

Art historian in medieval and modern art fields, free-lance researcher, lecturer, independent consultant, web sites co-editor

Historienne de l’art, médiéviste et moderniste. Chercheuse indépendante en théorie critique de l’histoire sur l’École de Francfort et Walter Benjamin. Conférencière, consultante indépendante, co-éditrice de sites Internet.

Domaines d’étude / Study Fields
History/theory of art, critical studies, cybermedia,networks art and on-line communities, « hyper-space ».

Histoire/théorie de l’art, études critiques, cybermédias, art des réseaux et « hyper-space »

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Buzzz Words for Active Decreasing
Chapter ONE
Approaches to increase co-operation in an active, domestic economics decreasing
Personal and Collective Decreasing

Sébastien Freuler.

I come from a digital screen arts and animation background and have been exploring different ways to capture the environment and atmosphere found in a photography studio. I am very interested in the interaction between photographer and subject. I see this relationship as a performance and wish to capture these interactions by using different mediums. I wish to create a world of imposed atomic lights, factory like settings, bizarre and awkward discussions, mechanical reproduction and information based images.
Art Education
•  MA Image & Communication, Goldsmiths University, London, UK. 2008-09
•  BA (Hons) Animation, University of Creative Arts, Farnham, UK. 2004-2007
•  CFC Diploma in Multimedia Conception, l'Ecole des Arts décoratifs de Genève. 1999-2004

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As cinematic language becomes the heart and structure of contemporary culture, changing the interpretation of historical spaces, emotional dimensions and our everyday beliefs and desires. I search within the sculptural layers of digital archival footage of some of my families excursions to different countries. By doing so, I discover visual memories of different temporal qualities. I present these visual memories as fragments speeded up or slowed down creating different notion of time and space. These complex and intimate spaces are accompanied by the poetic electronic music of Van Hai and wish to express the different psychological states one has when one looks back to certain paths of life. What is alive? When one is in a ’hyper real‘ environment…

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Born in1974 in Aurillac France. Graduate from «sciences humaines» in Université de Toulouse France, and from Ecole Supérieure des beaux-arts - HESBA Genève in films and video. She produces short films of dreamlike fictions as well as videos.

Née en 1974 à Aurillac. Diplômée en sciences humaines de l?Université de Toulouse puis en cinéma & vidéo à l?Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Genève, elle a réalisé des courts-métrages de fictions oniriques ainsi que des vidéos.

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Above all, It 's about an inhuman cyclic and busy activity which originates from the old cogs of the mechanic....
Il s'agit avant tout d'une activité inhumaine, cyclique et mouvementé qui prend ses racines dans les vieux rouages de la mécanique...

Nathalie Perrin

Graduate of École Supérieure des beaux-arts de Genève [ESBA], in 2003. From 2003- 2004, assitant in cybercultures studies of the CCC program of ESBA. Artist, researcher and editor, she develops a work in netart, cyberculture, and distributive practices

Diplômée de l'Ecole Supérieure des beaux-arts de Genève [ESBA] - en 2003. De 2003 à 2004 assistante en études cybermédia du programme CCC de l'esba. Artiste, chercheuse et éditrice, elle développe son travail dans l'art numérique, l'art internet, les cybercultures et les pratiques distribuĂ©es.

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Darja Unold & Lilian Frei

We are both artists living and working in zurich, we meat two years ago and we are working mostly together in performance.
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Nous sommes deux artistes vivant et travaillant à Zürich, nous nous sommes rencontrées il y a deux ans, et nous travaillons ensemble essentiellement dans des performances.
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